I have heard the analogy that the human body is like a symphony-all the parts mus be working together and well to produce a beautiful piece of music.  Working with Eleanor, I realized how true this is.  When one part of the body is out of tune, the body cannot function well as a whole.  As I learned to address my gut & hormone health, I experienced significant changes in my life.  Over the last 4 mos. I have followed a plan of supplements & lifestyle changes that she recommended.  I saw improvements in the main reason I was seeking help as well as several “bonus” improvements too-and I see they are also integral to my whole health.  For gut health to hormone health, to stress reduction to immune health, I have learned so much.

Notable changes over the last 4 months:

  1. Improved sleep; no longer using over-the-counter sleep aids
  2. Improved digestion-less bloating & more variety in foods
  3. Increased hair growth
  4. Improved complexion-no more daily blemishes
  5. Decrease in chronic, reoccurring sinus infections
  6. Improved oral health

It’s such a wonderful feeling when your body truly starts working in harmony.

Client in Wichita

I am so proud to know such a wonderful Christian woman who has the knowledge to help me feel better.

Client in Wichita

Eleanor knows & relieves problems in the shoulder & neck like no other.  Such a find to have a massage therapist who integrates into massage real structural correction.  I go to no other.

Client in Wichita, 2019

Eleanor made me feel very safe & comfortable in her office.  She was a good listener to identify my physical challenges, and asked for feedback as I received her work.  She understands pain problems & complicated health issues.

Client in Wichita, 2019

At a friend’s suggestion I made an appointment with Eleanor for relief from a frozen shoulder.  After a few sessions, the shoulder pain had subsided & movement had increased.  I can now do normal day-to-day activities such as wash my hair and put on a jacket without pain!  Her superior knowledge of how the body works & what it needs for better health has brought much needed improvements.  I am sleeping better, thinking more clearly, have better digestion, increased energy & hormone balance.  I have met a powerful friend, improved my health, and found encouragement in all areas of life.  I am so thankful to God for the many blessings He delivered to me through Eleanor.

Client in Wichita, 2018

I have referred clients to Mrs. Pauls for over 15 years.  Many of our clients improve in areas they would not have had it not been for Mrs. Pauls’ integrative approach and massage therapeutic techniques.  Her strong background in orthopedics, biomechanics & soft tissue orientation and her ability to integrate her techniques with reducing neuro-motor tone, restoring soft tissue & fascial, muscular rest position, enables her to be a very effective health care provider in restoring neuro-motor skills.  She continues to work with physicians in a variety of specialties.

Ron Hruska

M.P.A., P.T., Hruska Clinic, Inc., Restorative Physical Therapy Services

I had many years of fatigue, periodic exhaustion, lack of mental clarity, digestive issues, stress, sleep and anxiety.  I had already made dietary changes-but it was not enough.  In my own research and efforts I realized that only interventions with natural sources worked for me.  I found Eleanor to be a careful listener & communicator about health solutions.  The first visit was a 9.5/10!  She had answers to questions.  The program was very effective.  I found that within days & weeks things in my health began to change, but the big change was in about 90 days.  Within that time ALL the symptoms were improved.  Within an additional 90 days, I had great energy, improved sleep, almost no digestive issues, no anxiety episodes.  I am so grateful.  I would absolutely recommend TMNC.

Client in Wichita, 2019

I am overweight & working on exercising regularly.  I had a personal trainer to help-but often I would fatigue out with a high heart rate and have to rest midway through my exercise program.  After the HSR Graph and using whole-food supplements for my heart, within 10 days I no longer needed to rest mid-exercise session.  This was a phenomenal change.  I would recommend her for both the nutritional support and the massage interventions she offers.  I come all the way from NE to see her.

Client in NE, 2019

After the birth of my daughter, I had weird health challenges with my gut function, pain & hormones.  I made changes in my diet, but I was not improving much.  We wanted another child, but could not conceive.  I am so grateful for a place to work on my health naturally.  I had several issues I wanted to address and I found plausible causes of my challenges & ways to address them.  I have less gut pain, stronger gut function, less brain fog, more regularity in my body.  I know detoxing mattered for me as well as addressing scars.  I continue to follow my program to heal my body.

Client in Wichita, 2019

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