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Nutrition Counseling and Education Wichita KS

nutrition counseling Wichita KS
Do any of these descriptions sound familiar?

  • You have one or more health conditions that have become chronic
  • These conditions are affecting your personal life, your relationships with family, your career or your financial well being
  • You realize that as time goes by these conditions are not likely to improve and in fact will probably worsen unless you do something about it

If any of these describe you and you are ready to make a lasting change that will allow you to take control of your health, we have a solution for restoring your health.

Nutrition Response Testing®

What is Nutrition Response Testing®?

Nutrition Response Testing® is a non-invasive method of determining the root causes of ill health through analysis of the body.  Once identified, these issues can be addressed through nutritional approaches that allow the body to repair itself and attain a more optimal level of health.

The process involves two parts:  Analysis and a Natural Health Improvement Program.  


The analysis tests the body's nervous system.  Different areas on the surface of the body are analyzed in relation to overall health and the flow of energy for organ and body function.

By testing theses areas, we have a system for monitoring your body at each visit to evaluate specifically what the body needs and your progress in each area that has been identified.

Natural Health Improvement Program

Once an area has been identified as "active", the next step is to test proven nutritional formulas to boost those weak areas to determine which ones strengthen these areas.  This allows us to develop a highly personalized nutritional supplement schedule to address the underlying deficiency.

The real food supplements we use are designed to match the needs of the body that were identified in your analysis.  These are nutrients that you are not getting or assimilating in your current diet.  This could be attributed to personal eating habits or often it is due to the lack of quality in the foods we consume from grocery stores and restaurants.

Depending on your unique situation, we may require you to make modifications to your diet and eating habits in order to bring about the best possible results.

To determine if you qualify for the Nutrition Response Testing® process call us today.  

Muscle Testing Explained

The muscle testing exam performed in this office is a compilation of techniques taught by the pioneers in the field from Drs. Freddie Ulan, Richard Versendaal to George Goodheart & many others over these past sixty years. Nutrition Response Testing® and System Strength Analysis (SSA) are types of testing that provides a great deal of information about the energized status of the body & it various organs, glands & systems without having to penetrate the skin or use invasive techniques. The degree of accuracy is remarkable and best send in the results achieved, and in the speed of that achievement, by experience practitioners skilled in this approach.


Using the muscle system as a barometer this technique analyzes the various meridians and contact points located upon these pathways for the integrity of energy flow. When the practitioner touches one of the surface contact reflex points she/she is introducing energy into that system as a challenge to the system integrity. If the strength of that point remains when it is challenged, it may be interpreted that the system or function associated is energizes & potent. When a reflex point tests weak or is defected by the challenge it is interpreted that there is a loss of energy & adequacy about that system. It should be noted that the weakness can never be equated to a diagnosis of a disease or a condition. For example: If the liver tests weak it could never be said that the liver is sick (e.g. hepatitis, cirrhosis, inflammation, etc.), only that the system is lacking the energy to resist the challenge test.


Weaknesses are interpreted as areas of need, areas wherein the body may require cleansing, strengthening, or repair. Clinically, after one to three months of nutritional support, specific for the target system or organ which is identified as weak, the reflex point no longer can be defeated by a challenge test, and usually there is an improvement in the individual’s state of health & symptoms associated with that particular function in the body. There are many ways to strengthen a particular weakness, such as nutritional supplementation to enhance function in the specific area of need, lifestyle modification to unburden the physiology, chiropractic to influence the nervous tone & energy reaching the tissue, acupuncture to remove blockages in the normal flow of energy through the meridian pathways of the body, mind/body therapies to release somatized memory, and others.


Using muscle testing employs upper motor pathways in the nervous system, which are theorized to be weakened when the body is challenged, thus resulting in widespread muscular weakness, identified by any single muscle or group of muscles. Type A muscle fiber contraction requires a significant amount of energy to contract, and this is why any distraction to the system can weaken the muscle.


This technique of analysis is being used significantly more frequently, as many more practitioners are finding the advantage of quickly surveying the body without unnecessary expense or penetration. The energizing and literally, en-livening achieved through this approach is exciting to experience in your own body. It creates an interest in finding weaknesses before they manifest as conditions or disease, and this is truly a form of prevention.