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Stop living with chronic pain and fatigue. Eleanor Pauls, LMT and the team at Therapeutic Massage & Nutritional Center are ready provide you with the relief that you've been searching for and so desperately deserve! 

 Call us now at 316.425.8003 to schedule your consultation and/or therapy appointment or ask about our gift certificates.

Make an appointment now with one of the most referred licensed Massage Therapists in Wichita, KS!

"I have heard the analogy that the human body is like a symphony - all the parts must be working together and well to produce a beautiful piece of music. I've come to realize how true this is in working with Eleanor. When one part of the body is out of tune, the body can not function well as a whole. With Eleanor's help in addressing my gut and hormone health, I have noticed significant changes in my life!

 Over the last 4 months, I have followed a plan of supplements and lifestyle changes that she recommended. I have not only seen improvements in my primary reason for seeking her help but, so many "bonus" improvements too, that I now see always so integral to my health as a whole. From gut health, to hormone health, to stress response, to immune health, I have learned so much!

Some of the most notable changes over the last 4 months have been:

- improved sleep: I'm no longer using supplements to fall asleep!

- improved digestion: I can eat more foods without my stomach freaking out/less bloating!

- my hair is finally growing: I've been growing out my hair for years and it never grew until now!

- my complexion is transformed: I used to DAILY deal with blemishes: now it has never looked so clear!

- prior, I was getting sick every few months with sinus infections and always resorting to antibiotics (which were only exacerbating my overall immune and gut issues) - we were able to QUICKLY clear up an episode of this naturally with no antibiotics for the first time in years!

- improved oral health!

It's such a wonderful feeling when your body truly starts working in harmony!

Thank you Eleanor - From Katie - Client

"I have known Mrs. Pauls for 15 years or better, and as a result of this relationship, I have seen many of our clients improve in areas that they would not have made gains or experienced positive rehabilitative outcomes had it not been for this integrative approach with her massage therapeutic techniques. Mrs. Pauls has a very strong background in the area or orthopedics, biomechanics and soft tissue orientation. Her ability to integrate her techniques with reducing neuromotor tone, restoring soft tissue and fascial and muscular rest position, and allowing muscle to work in a normal state because of awareness of its proper position all enable her to be very effective as a healthcare provider and a restorer of neuromotor skills. Mrs. Pauls is a very integrative healthcare professional and she has worked with many physicians in many different fields and specialties."

– Ron Hruska, M.P.A., P.T. Hruska Clinic Inc, Restorative Physical Therapy Services


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